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      Introducing Menottees #FiveForFun!

      So here’s how it works...

      1. Post five pictures of five different Menottees shirts, onesies, or sticker placements on the Menottees Facebook Page or Instagram. Can also be you or someone else wearing the shirts (or onesies)

      2. Tag each picture with Menottees and use the hashtags #FiveForFun and #Menottees

      3. Receive a free shirt, onesie, or sticker. You can then repeat the process and take pictures of five new items you purchase or receive as gifts.

      1. You can only participate if you bought the shirt(s) onesie(s) or sticker(s) OR received them as gifts. 

      2. Can’t be 5 pictures of the same product. 

      3. Charity items or hoodies cannot be selected as your free one.

      4. Bob counts as one product.